HID Lighting Products

Line fused access plates.
  • Works with HID fixtures rated 175-1000 watts regardless of brand
  • Compatible with fixtures equipped with dual-section capacitor
  • Plug ‘n’ Go installation with just a screwdriver in 60 seconds
  • PIR sensor, power supply and switching relay in same enclosure
  • User-adjustable 1-15 minute activity timer
  • Self-adjusting universal multi-volt operation: 120-480VAC
  • Guaranteed Start-On-High feature assures rated lamp life
  • Interchangeable Fresnel lenses matched to the application
  • Manual override switch and blinking diagnostic LED lamp
  • Available with fiber optic ports for networked zone control

Viewpoint’s PIP-200 series infrared motion sensor step-dims an HID fixture to 50% of full power based on aisle occupancy. The sensor switches a dual-section capacitor in the ballast housing of the fixture. This dual-section capacitor can be supplied by the fixture manufacturer or Viewpoint Electronics.

Wide Fixture Compatibility
Viewpoint HID sensors are compatible with constant wattage autotransformer (CWA) fixtures regardless of manufacturer, line voltage or lamp wattage. Pay-back periods can be as low as two years for HID fixtures rated 320-1000 watts.

Plug ‘n’ Go Fixtures
Fixture manufacturers can provide HID fixtures with a Viewpoint-compatible Plug ‘n’ Go sensor port already installed. These fixtures operate at full rated wattage until you install a sensor. Adding a motion sensor to a Plug ‘n’ Go fixture takes just a screwdriver and 60 seconds of labor.

All-in-One Construction
Viewpoint’s HID motion sensors feature a unitized injection-molded enclosure housing the PIR sensing element, power supply and dimming relay. Unlike competing products, there’s no need for separate switch packs and associated wiring to the sensor. Viewpoint sensors attach to the fixture’s reflector with an adjustable pinch bracket. Alternatively, the sensor may be mounted off-fixture on nearby ceiling supports using 4-conductor STOW cable.

Universal Multi-Volt Operation
Forget the stocking problems and field installation headaches associated with line voltage compatibility! Viewpoint HID sensors work with fixtures rated 120-480VAC (including all Canadian and US voltages in between) without transformer taps or jumpers

Guaranteed Lamp Start-On-High
Viewpoint’s microprocessor-based architecture fosters full rated HID lamp life by assuring that the lamp always starts on high and remains there for 15 minutes, even after AC power bumps. Many competing lighting controls do not provide this important feature outlined in EIA guidelines.

HID Motion Sensor
for HID Lighting Fixtures with Dimming Capacitor: PIP 100 series, PIP-200 Series

Data Sheet pdf
Installation Sheet pdf

HID Motion Switch Pack
for HID Lighting Fixtures with Dimming Capacitor: PSP-100 Series

Data Sheet pdf
Installation Sheet pdf

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