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Line fused access plates.

Electronic HID ballast offers dimming interface and dimmability to 60% lamp power, enabling the utilization of daylight harvesting and other popular sustainable design strategies. This beneficial dimming feature, when integrated into building management systems, further enables reduced power consumption through the reduction of light levels during facility off-hours. Viewpoint Electronics has developed a Motion sensor that will control the dimming function of Electronic ballasts to further reduce power consumption during inactivity for each lighting fixture.

  • Step-dims electronic HID fixture to low power or full off based on aisle occupancy
  • Compatible with HID electronic ballasts equipped with isolated dimming port
  • Unitized construction: PIR sensor and switching relays in same enclosure
  • User-adjustable 15 minute activity timer
  • Turns fixture completely off after one hour of aisle inactivity
  • Self-adjusting multi-volt operation: 208-480VAC/60 Hz without taps or wire jumpers
  • Available with fiber optic networking for zone control and utility load management
  • Interchangeable aisle- or area-sensing Fresnel lenses

Occupancy-Based Step Dimming.
The PIP-300EB series infrared motion sensor step-dims a single HID fixture based on aisle occupancy. After a period of aisle inactivity the sensor will direct the electronic ballast to step-dim to its lowest wattage. The sensor can be configured to shut the ballast off after one hour of aisle of inactivity.

Wide Ballast Compatibility.
The PIP-300EB is compatible with most electronic HID ballasts offering an isolated 0-10VDC dimming port. Contact factory or http://www.viewpointelectronics.com for current information on ballast compatibility.

All-in-One Construction.
PIP-300EB series motion sensors feature a unitized injection-molded enclosure housing both the PIR sensing element and switching relays. The sensor attaches to the fixture’s reflector with an adjustable pinch bracket. Alternatively, the sensor may be remote-mounted away from the fixture using 4-conductor cable.

Plug ‘n’ Go Installation on Compatible Fixtures.
Dimming-ready electronic HID fixtures can be special-ordered from participating fixture manufacturers pre-wired with a PIP300EB-compatible wire harness and connector. Sensor installation on these plug ‘n’ go fixtures requires less than 30 seconds and a screwdriver.

Universal Multi-Volt Operation.
Forget the stocking problems and field installation headaches associated with line voltage compatibility! This sensor works with fixtures rated 208-480VAC (including all voltages in between) without transformer taps or jumpers.

Self Diagnostic Features.
The sensor contains an LED lamp that blinks four diagnostic patterns to assist with installation and debugging:

Pattern Motion Observed? Ballast State
Single blink fast No Ballast off
Single blink slow No Lowest wattage
Double blink No Highest wattage
Triple blink Yes Highest wattage

A manual test switch on the sensor permits an installer to toggle the relays and confirm proper operation of the electronic ballast.

Soft Configuration Features.
For maximum energy savings all fixtures in a work space can be configured to turn off after one hour of aisle inactivity. However, in a windowless area it may be necessary to selectively disable the ballast shutdown feature on some fixtures in order to provide night-light safety illumination. The PIP-300EB sensor contains non-volatile set-up memory. The full-off feature can be disabled by the installer using the manual test switch. The diagnostic LED on the sensor confirms the configuration.

Soft configuration of the sensor reduces stocking requirements for maintenance departments and fixture suppliers.

Optional Fiber Optic Networking.
PIP-300EB series motion sensors can be ordered with optional fiber optic ports that enable zone control within warehouse aisles and utility demand side management. Fiber optic enabled sensors are compatible with PSP-300EB series switch packs manufactured by Viewpoint. Switch packs are less expensive than full motion sensors. Switch packs mount directly to the ballast housing and don’t require downward aiming during installation. Switch packs have lower off-centered weight and cause less tilting of fixtures mounted on swivel hooks.

HID Electronic Ballast Motion Sensor
for HID Lighting Fixtures with Electronic Ballasts: PIP-300E Series
Data Sheet pdf
Installation Sheet
Compatability Guide
HID Electronic Ballast Switch Pack
for HID Lighting Fixtures with Electronic Ballasts: PSP-300E Series
Data Sheet pdf
Installation Sheet pdf
Compatability Guide

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