Fluorescent Lighting Products

  • Unique ballast rotation feature equalizes accumlated lamp hours
  • Compatible with T-5 and T-8 fluorescent fixtures with multiple ballasts
  • Relays switch ballast input voltage to achieve bi-level power control
  • Three 5 ampere relays support operation with 4- or 6-lamp fixtures
  • Plug ’n’ Go installation with just a screwdriver in just 60 seconds
  • Interchangeable Fresnel lenses matched to the application
  • Self-adjusting universal multi-volt operation (240-480VAC)
  • User-adjustable 1-15 minute activity timer
  • All-in-one construction: PIR sensor and switching relay in the same enclosure.
  • Only one part to install and maintain
  • Manual override switch and blinking diagnostic LED lamp
  • Available with fiber optic network ports for zone control

Compatible with T-5 and T-8 High-Bay Fixtures
Viewpoint offers a family of infrared motion sensors designed for fluorescent high bay fixtures employing one, two or three electronic ballasts. To maintain rated lamp life, fixtures should be equipped with programmed rapid start (PRS) ballasts.

When aisles are empty the fixture’s power output is reduced by removing AC line voltage from selected ballasts. The number of ballasts that remain powered in the absence of motion (usually one ballast or none) can be configured on a fixture-by-fixture basis and stored in the sensor’s non-volatile memory. No programming tools are required.
Viewpoint can also supply sensors that are optimized for use with continuously-dimmable fluorescent electronic ballasts. These sensors control a ballast dimming pin rather than removing AC line voltage to the ballast.

Ballast Rotation Extends Lamp Life
Competing sensors for fluorescent fixtures offer only one switching relay, so you’re forced to turn the fixture completely off or leave one ballast powered in the absence of motion. One continuously-powered ballast means re-lamping the fixture frequently and uneven lamp wear.

Viewpoint’s fluorescent sensors can be ordered with three built-in relays that rotate the choice of powered ballast in the “night-light mode”. Ballast rotation equalizes lamp life and eliminates premature re-lamping.

Plug ‘n’ Go Installation on Compatible Fixtures
Fixture manufacturers can provide Plug ‘n’ Go fluorescent fixtures with a Viewpoint-compatible sensor port already installed. These fixtures operate at full rated wattage until you install a sensor. Adding a motion sensor to a Plug ‘n’ Go fixture takes just a screwdriver and 60 seconds of labor.

PIP-300 Series
Networkable Motion Sensor for Multiple Ballast Fluorescent Fixtures

PSP-300 Series
Fiber Optic Switch Pack for Multiple Ballast Fluorescent Fixtures  

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