Schneider Electric’s Installation Systems and Control (IS&C) business has purchased the assets of Viewpoint Electronics, a leading manufacturer of motion sensors for industrial applications. Viewpoint Electronics specializes in providing advanced and reliable energy-saving controls to reduce energy consumption in high-bay High Intensity Discharge (HID) and fluorescent lighting systems.

Among Viewpoint Electronics’ innovations is a fixture-to-fixture fiber optic networking and zone control system using industry-standard plastic optical fiber. This method reduces the wiring and labor required over traditional "sensor-per-fixture' architectures that requires substantial wire and conduit. This low-cost signaling method also allows lighting levels to be directed by wall switches, photocells, fire alarms or utility-directed demand side management (DSM) devices. Viewpoint Electronics’ industrial products ideally complement the Square D® line of commercial occupancy sensors, which were introduced in 2007 by Schneider Electric and work seamlessly with the award-winning Square D® Powerlink® intelligent lighting control panels.

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Plug ‘n’ Go Fixture Compatibility
The true cost of a motion sensor includes the cost of installation on the fixture. Viewpoint’s sensors are supplied with all the hardware necessary to make installation go quickly and smoothly. We keep abreast of new fixture styles so that we can offer mounting brackets and wire harnesses to keep your installation costs low.

Several lighting manufacturers can supply fixtures equipped with a Viewpoint-compatible Plug ‘n’ Go port that permits sensor installation immediately or later by the warehouse tenant.

One Piece Construction
Viewpoint’s state-of-the-art controls combine the sensor, power supply, and switching device into the same UL-approved enclosure--just one part to stock, install and maintain.

Universal Multi-volt Compatibility
Viewpoint sensors feature a proprietary self-adjusting power supply design that eliminates installation errors. All sensors are compatible with line voltages 240-480VAC without transformer taps or jumper wires. Our HID sensors offer even wider operating range: 120-480VAC.

Full Connectorization for Easy Maintenance
Viewpoint’s connectorized sensors can be replaced in 60 seconds or less using only a screwdriver. Beware of one-size-fits-all sensors permanently wired to fixtures. Maintenance personnel shouldn’t have to de-power a warehouse aisle and disassemble a light fixture just to replace a sensor.

Self-Diagnostic and Manual Test Features
Self-testing diagnostics are vital when a sensor is mounted 40 feet above the floor. All Viewpoint’s sensors are microprocessor-based and offer built-in testing features designed to save you installation and maintenance costs. A bright blinking LED lamp on each sensor informs you of its operating mode. A simple manual override switch enables the installer to run a fixture through its paces to confirm proper operation of the sensor and lighting ballast.

Interchangeable Fresnel Lenses
All Viewpoint sensors feature snap-in interchangeable Fresnel lenses tailored to your specific application. Open work areas and loading docks are best served by area-sensing lenses. Warehouse aisles require a narrow angle lens that keeps the sensor from false-triggering on motion in adjacent aisles. Pick modules in distribution centers require a narrow cone lens for sensors that are mounted horizontally.

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