Most warehouse lighting control projects are “sensor per fixture” architectures. Each sensor controls its fixture independently of other fixtures and sensors. However, many jobsites require zone control: ganged and coordinated response of fixtures within the same aisle or work area.

With the advent of low-cost network signaling between fixtures, lighting levels can be directed by wall switches, photocells, fire alarms, or utility-directed demand side management (DSM) devices.

Viewpoint accomplishes fixture-to-fixture networking and zone control using industry-standard plastic optical fiber. Fiber optic networking is an optional feature available on all Viewpoint sensors.

Benefits of Plastic Fiber Networking

• Zoned response within warehouse aisles. Control zones can be as small as two fixtures or as large as an entire aisle. Motion under any one fixture can force all fixtures in a zone to go high.

• Fixtures can be equipped with fiber optic switch packs. A switch pack has fiber optic ports but no motion sensing capability. Switch packs get their commands from adjacent sensors or wall switches. Compared to full motion sensors, switch packs are cheaper to purchase, easier to install, and require no downward aiming.

• Local building codes occasionally require all wiring to be conduited --even low-voltage signaling conductors. Copper-less plastic optical fiber never needs conduiting. It can be attached to ceiling supporting steel or to the outside of conduit with ordinary tie-wraps.

• No need to worry about fiber signal degradation in long aisles. Viewpoint’s fiber optic controls regenerate the fiber signal at full strength and clarity at each node. Advanced versions of our sensors and switch packs offer digital addressability.

• Unlike cumbersome glass optical fiber used in the computer industry, plastic optical fiber can be cut with just a sharp knife. It installs without expensive tools, specialized connectors or installer training.

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